Live a beautiful life

Even though I know what I did was the best thing for me, it doesn’t hurt any less.

In the end I want it to be you.
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Everything that God made, he designed to reflect his glory back to himself. And every one of us — each of his works of art — does this in our own specific way.
Craig Groeschel
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There is this odd trend
of taken women
saying they are too much,
and how the men they love
are amazing for dealing with them.

Love should not be a responsibility.
You should not have to deal with me.
Just because a woman is wild
and free
does not mean she is difficult.
He is not a martyr for loving me
through the good
and not so good.

Some mornings I will wake up swinging,
you do not get a gold star
for still loving me.

Some mornings I will wake up like a lamb,
you do not get a gold star
for loving me.

I am not a hurricane of a girl,
you always have the chance to leave.

Michelle K., Hurricanes. (via michellekpoems)

One of the cleanest gifs I’ve seen in a while!